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2 May 2014

File under: Where was The Politesse, a career, etiquette and lifestyle website when I graduated from college? Hell, where was it when I needed matter-of-fact, straight-forward, no bullshit advice when I was navigating the real world?

Lucky for you, in 2013, The Politesse was founded by two fashion journalists, trend forecasters +  friends, Allyson Rees and Andrea Garwood. As editors, Allyson and Andrea were constantly facing these issues with young people, be it their assistants, interns or interviewees, noticing many lacked modern etiquette, social skills and business protocol. Who is teaching today’s young people these skills? They have a limited network, their parents are out of touch and career service centers are understaffed or non-existent. The Politesse sets out to answer the questions that young professionals ask every day.

The Politesse

The voices behind The Politesse aren’t pedantic or stuffy, it’s chock full of pithy humor and pop-culture imagery, tackling topics Googled by students, job hunters and entry level workers. A few of my favorites (which I’ve totally asked myself, admit it, so have you:)

If you missed it earlier this week, The Politesse interviewed yours truly in their segment “The Politesse Profile” where they seek career advice from successful entrepreneurial women. (Honored!)  I chatted about what I thought was my big break, “the age of collaboration” and why I’ll always wear a wedge.

You can read the entire Q&A here: Jessica Arb, Ocean Violet  + follow The Politesse along on their website, twitter + Instagram.

I highly suggest not only reading The Politesse for yourself, but forwarding it along to your sister, cousin, mother, intern, assistant, heck — anyone who could use a little dose of career reality. You can thank me later.

Allyson + Andrea, thank you for having me on The Politesse and thank you for putting such needed advice into the universe.

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