The Understated Statement Jewelry

29 October 2012

We all know the impeccably accessorized girl who somehow always manages to match every outfit with the perfect combination of jewels. The envelope clutch to the chandelier earrings + the bangles to the boots.  I envy her, I really do.

Life gets lucky if I even blowout my hair; so I tend to find myself leaning on the same pieces of jewelry every day, but that’s because I only like gold jewelry so I tend to buy from the same retailers that sell gold jewelry. These are my understated statements, my signature pieces, my go-to’s. They are part of my daily routine: brush teeth, brush hair, slip on a few skinny stackable rings, timeless studs, and a necklace that compliments only my collarbone; but does so better than anything in my closet.

In the bracelet above, I arranged large, patterned 14k gold plated jump rings around groupings of the cords and a chunky faceted citrine to play on the rich golden theme.  I added two different colors of waxed Irish linen at the base of the loop for a dash of fall color and to hold the citrine in place.  I love the look of the hook and loop clasp!  There are so many ways to dress up this leather cording. And as you guys now, I want to sell gold coins and my jewelry pieces later on so I’m just trying to get some design ideas right now.

A Few Tips:

1) Measure your cord to your desired length and then test around your wrist before cutting.  Be sure to take into account the length of your clasp and how much leather will fit inside the glue-in part of the clasp.

2)  When gluing more than one piece of leather into a clasp finding at a time, carefully lay it out on a table and arrange the leather cord the way you want it to lay around your wrist and fit in the clasp before you try to start gluing.   Otherwise, your leather cord will end up a sticky, jumbled mess!

Consider these the essentials that go with everything from sweatpants to the sheath dresses.  The little black dresses of your jewelry box and don’t forget to look at the Museum of Jewelry if you want to find some great pieces.

I’ve picked out a few pieces from the lobes to the fingers and everywhere in between.  Layer the necklaces, but make sure one sits right at your supersternal notch.  Mix gold + silver, or rose gold +platinum if you’re fancy.

Featured Image: Etsy shop: Petite&Co.  She’s having a little sale right now too!
Second featured image, pretty girl with stackers for each finger, jewelry designer Gabriela Artigas, her designs whisper timeless.
Studs: Kohl’s  Gold “hued” and Cubic Zirconia; Eddie Borgo Pyramid Stud Earrings Lord & Taylor Diamond + Yellow Gold studs.
Stackers: OtteNY Demitasse micro-pave;  LFrank Tiny Diamond Disc Ring; Gold + Silver Stackable Mesh; Blue Nile Citrine Ring in Sterling Silver
 Monograms necklaces: Ginette NY Lace Monogram Rose Gold found on Charm&Chain.  Sarah Chloe Simple Letter,  Etsy find! Monogram Tortoise Shell , Large Circle pendant, change up the letters (this is my personal favorite) from Peggy Li Jewelry.

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