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2 September 2014

Bridal showers and baby showers typically are the prerequisite of getting married and having a baby. A right of passage if you will during thease momentous moments in one’s life.

Until recently, I was always on the giving end of these terribly curated and hard to read registries. The registries I’m speaking of are void of any visuals or creativeness and above all, difficult to use.  The absolute worst is when an invitation arrives with a list of three or four places the bride/mom-to-be has registered so you’re stuck scouring each site. And as the giver, I found it loathsome and took the fun right out of gift giving!  Which we all know I pride myself on: see here, here and here.  Despite what I think are exceptional gift giving skills, I am a firm believer in sticking to the registry because people usually ask for what they need, not what they want. Well, most people.*

With that said when it came to my turn to set up a registry, the wind was yet again taken out of my sails with my options. I’m a visual, creative, person and unfortunately Macy’s didn’t have large organic Turkish towels or the hand pressed glass salt cellars I coveted.  That’s because big-box retailers completely dominate the registry category which is was really odd because everything else about planning a wedding is so personal, thoughtful and lovely.

Then lo + behold my saving grace, and now for you dear reader, yours too.

Send this to all your friends, girlfriends, + soon to be engaged ladies: Thankful Registry. It’s like the Pinterest of gift registries allowing you to pin with their bookmarklet from any website your heart desires. The items are listed with a big bright product image, so it’s super visual and appealing for the gift giver. The couple can even describe why this gift is important to them, giving life to each item.

It’s not free like the other registry sites that make their moo-la on each transaction, Thankful Registry is just $30 for one year. Upside: you don’t have to have all the big-box store noise and advertisements crammed into your already busy day. Just a clean beautiful custom registry (that’s password protected) for your guests.

Here are a few of my favorite gifts and actual registries on Thankful.


DNA testing, so romantical!

You can upload your own full-width cover image from that engagement shoot you’re so proud of, write a thankful caption and choose a custom URL. Even put a password on it no one knows your secret desires for ceramic cutlery.

a very cultured couple

a very cultured couple

I think the saying goes, "the couple that gets caffeinated stays together. "

I think the saying goes, “the couple that gets caffeinated stays together. “

and wonderfully designed websites

Share with your newly engaged pal or your recently tummy bumped friend, and get to wishing + always be thankful!

PS – if you have any MUST-HAVE registry gifts (Vitamix, anything Le Creuset, or a Brooklyn Bambini) tell us in the comments!

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