This much

25 February 2014

I love you more than all of the windows in New York.

Have you ever tried to explain how much you love someone but the words just don’t seem enough? The space created when your arms are outstretched just aren’t wide enough? Me too. This much.

  • Ormond Gigli’s most famous photograph caught on a whim. “Girls in the Windows.” “The building was knocked down the next day. The supervisor let us do it – provided we cast his wife.”
  • Two legs, a camera, a pencil and Adobe Illustrator: José Guízar’s New York City window obsession. “Windows of New York.”  He stated the project was an “ode to architecture and part of a self-challenge to never stop looking up.” e.g. not texting and walking.  Wonder if he ever peeked inside.
  • Jessica Greenbaum’s immeasurable love in the poem, “I love you more than all of the windows in New York City.”


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