24 June 2014

It’s a blessing and a curse that Netflix releases entire seasons of programming all at once. I’m doing my best not to binge to death current show of the moment, Orange is the New Black. I’ll treat myself to an episode here and there like a fancy piece of dark chocolate.

But, this is not a post about television, this is about a song I heard at the end of said television show. Specifically, Episode 6, “You Also Have a Pizza.”

It was playing during the closing scene fading into the credits (I don’t want to give away any spoilers to those who are able to control their intake.) If you had turned your TV off you would have just as easily missed it. I luckily did not because frankly  I still have difficulty navigating the freaking remote control (so many buttons!) I digress… the voice during the song sounded faintly familiar so I had to figure it out.

After a little bit of research (i.e.: Google and Shazam) I had found what I was looking for: Sampha + Jessie Ware’s song “Valentine.”   Sampha is like the King Midas of collaborations, everything he makes turns to gold, and is objectively really, really good. You’ve probably heard his soothing voice featured on Drake’s “Too Much,” and again with Solange and Jessie Ware

This song, Valentine, isn’t new, released in 2011, but for some reason the lyrics this time sounded a little more clear to me and thought I’d share in case you too, like me, were a Jessie Ware fan, but have yet to be introduced to Sampha.

The lyrics seem to express a sense of missed chances, bad timing, next lifetime love while the pocketed beats and mournful piano chords give it a deep rooted sadness.  In the end – they sing to one another, somehow expressing that their  love is real no matter the outcome of their relationship.

So will you never be my lover or my Valentine
never be a friend of mine, never see my better side,
maybe you’d be terrified of all the secrets you were wishing you won’t ever find is deep inside me.
And I don’t wanna hide me.
cause I know about my love

Here’s the full video along with a few other of my current favorite Sampha songs:

  • Close second favorite, Sampha’s song “Happens.”  The video is equally as good. Total rainy day music. “I don’t have the answers, so I won’t tell you lies.”
  • Indecision.
  • Without. Tell me his voice doesn’t melt you?!

Featured image: Sampha.


Quote of the week: “Nothing says “I’m sorry” like leaving her alone.” – Kat Stoeffel. Excerpt from NYMag’s article on Robin Thicke and Adam Levine trying to win back exes.  


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