Weekend Postcard: At the Races

26 August 2013

For the record: betting based on the color scheme in the jockey’s uniform and/or the cleverness factor of the Thoroughbred’s name might not be the most strategic tactic at the track. However, it did make the experience a bit more interesting!  Kentucky Derby winner, Orb (which selfishly sounds like Arb,) Mike + Rob (partners?) and Palace Malice (sounds like one of my favorite bars in NYC, No Malice Palace, but you get the idea) = all losers. 

I didn’t go home a winner at the tracks, but I did have a lovely day in Saratoga Springs for The Travers Stakes this weekend. Manicured gardens, beautiful Victorian homes and plenty of adorable B&B’s make Saratoga incredibly quaint and worth the visit even during the off-season.

beautiful creatures.

Congress Park

Congress Park in the center of town, there’s also a magical carousel for the kiddies.

the ivy, the pastels, just as quaint as could be.

Red Smith, one of the most famous sports writers, sums up the experience perfectly when asked:

Q: How does one get to Saratoga Springs?

A: From New York City you drive north for about 175 miles, turn left on Union Avenue and go back 100 years.

Featured Image: Jeizel Rosenthal and I at the tracks in our hats + sunnies.  Jeizel is a Saratoga native + played an incredible host.  Did you see her quote in my Vaunte.com interview? Thank you Jeizel!

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