Weekend Postcard: In + Out of the office

19 August 2013

When I first moved from Miami to Manhattan I was introduced to the New York City lexicon.  Houston Street was not pronounced like Beyonce’s hometown in Texas, but instead “HOW-Ston.”  The phrase “B.N.T.”  was thrown around quite often usually to describe a particular crowd in a negative way. (Those migrating to the city by either bridge or tunnel.) Part of assimilating was learning the lingo and in New York,  learning it quick.

Cut to summer 2013 and another lingo lesson was learned.  This time in Central New York.  Unlike New Yorker’s who bug off to Fire Island and The Hamptons for the summer, those in the Syracuse area head out to their “camps.”  “We’re heading up to the Thousand Islands to visit such-and-such’s camp,” they’d say when explaining weekend plans.  For the life of me, I could not figure what these grown ass adults were doing going to camp.  Sheer puzzlement.

Finally, this weekend I was formally introduced to what “camps” are really all about.  Visions of  Moonrise Kingdom, bunk beds, chow-lines and shared bathrooms disappeared as soon as we arrived at our friend’s camp in Henderson Harbor on Lake Ontario.  Camps are typically family summer homes, positioned (ideally) on a lake, constructed (ideally) of logs and stone. Fire-pit for s’mores optional. We grilled, watched the kiddies paddle boat and played endless rounds of Cornhole.  We had breakfast at Tin Pan Galley in Sacket’s Harbor which literally had a line out the door, twenty people deep.  I bellied up to the bar and grabbed two stools, shortening our wait to less than twenty minutes. Impatience can sometimes be a virtue.

Never again will I mispronounce Houston Street, sneer when someone says “camp” or order the egg white sandwich when the entire restaurant is having the stuffed french toast.

After basking in the glory of my cornhole winning streak, I headed back to the Ocean Violet offices to check out the freshly painted walls.  It was in dire need of a whitewashing, so I had the space painted bright white to liven it up. I also added Wild Orchid pink to two of the exposed wooden beams for contrast. It was as close to Schiaparelli pink as I could get.

Thanks to Bug + Adam for having us up for such a lovely weekend.  Next adventure: The Great New York State Fair.

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