What’s old is new again: The Telegram

14 February 2013

They say, the more things change, the more they stay the same, particularly when it comes to indulging in a dose of nostalgia.

I came across TelegramStop a few months ago and love the new spin on the old form of communication.  The service allows you to design classic telegrams with a vintage-era feel online and send to anywhere in the world.  The telegrams are completely traditional, of Western-Union past, with the “STOP” in place of periods.  You can write your telegram in advance to send it for a later date.  Not a bad feature for those that like to procrastinate.

The telegram has a long, proud and important history in the development of person to person communications. It’s development enabled people to quickly send news around the globe, messages of congratulations, messages of sadness, messages that marked important events.

The team over at TelgramStop put together a few pointers to writing authentic telegrams:

• Be economical with your use of words
• Write out numbers as words, eg “FIRST” not “1st”
• Make use of short sharp sentences and phrases
• Get rid of small connecting words such as “a” “the” “that” “we” “I” “in” “your”
• Add a “STOP” at the end of sentences (we automatically insert when typing “.”)

Or take a look at a few of these famous telegrams for inspiration + send one soon!

Alfred Stieglitz sends  his wife,  Georgia O’Keeffe

Alfred Stieglitz sends his wife, Georgia O’Keeffe

From Christy Walsh, Babe Ruth’s Publicist sent to Babe’s wife, Claire Ruth.

ol' blue eyes!

ol’ blue eyes! Frank sends a get well message to British restaurateur Siegi Sessler.

Howard Hughes sends this telegram to Katharine Hepburn, by way of her secretary Emily Perkins and using the pseudonym “Dan” to not attract attention. Flowers apparently came with this.

Howard Hughes sends this telegram to Katharine Hepburn, using the fake name “Dan.”  He also used nicknames for himself like “LIttle Gee Wiz,” “Boss,” and “Conkshell.” Reminds me, I need to watch the Aviator again.

Sammy Davis Jr. digs it.   Who doesn't like Bobby Darin though?

Sammy Davis Jr. digs it. Who doesn’t like Bobby Darin though?

Prepare for a timesuck and allow me to lower your productivity with this amazing Tumblr with more telegrams of Hollywood’s past, just brilliant: Telegrams From the Last Century.

Now go on and get nostalgic, send one, or many.

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