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30 August 2013

If you’ve been following Ocean Violet over the last year,  you’ve probably noticed a soft spot for the postal system: care packages, interesting postcard apps, telegrams, and of course the traditional handwritten letter.

Turkish designer, Beste Miray, experiments with “made up projects,” I assume to challenge herself, drive creativity + to amuse us.  Her experiments remind me of the Miranda July series or Cecilia Doan’s blog projects.  What struck me most about Miray’s project was her inventiveness to take something we have become so digitally accustomed with and turning into something sentimental and tangible.  Her project is called,  “Map Envelopes.” You simply enter your address and using Google Maps it generates a rendering of your location. I love how it takes the ubiquitous Google Maps coloring of greens, blues and red dots and turns it into a piece of art.   You just click print, fold + tape.  Don’t forget to include your handwritten letter!

I used my hometown of Bradenton, Florida as an example below.  I could totally see this as the announcement for a new home or a clever party invitation.  Try it out here: Map Envelope. 

home sweet home

Featured Image: Google Map Art by San Francisco based artist, Jenny Odell.  She collects images from Google Maps and arranges them on blank backgrounds creating visually stunning pieces.  I’m partial to the swimming pool arrangement.  Read more about her work here, then send me a letter.




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