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9 January 2014

Music on Wednesday,” you ask? Could there be a jam so swell it needs to be shared with such immediacy? Out of the typical “Music Mondays” here at Ocean Violet?  I’ll do you one better than just a singular song, how about an entire mixtape?  Oh, you bet’cha.

Allow me to introduce you to Joe Lazarz, who DJ’s under the name Ason from Brooklyn, New York.  Joe gave me the link to one of his mixes on Soundcloud called “Horizon,” and after memorizing every song shift from Drake, Inc., Al Green, to Aaliyah’s “Rock The Boat,” topped off  little undercurrent of “My Boo” from Ghost Town DJ’s;  I figured I should probably stop being so greedy and share with the greater good. You’re welcome.

Start at the beginning and just let the entire mix ride for the full 50+ minutes.  This isn’t background music, this is cruise in your car, bop in your seat (wearing a seatbelt) type music. The Horizon mix has total make-out potential, so beware who might be around when you press play.

If you’re in New York, lucky you as Ason plays at Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg with his next gig on Tuesday, January 14th for the “Bedroom Electric” party.  It has an R&B’ish electronic music feel, which will include a little bit of the Horizon mix, which my heart beats for, as well as the new Endorphin Mix


this is Ason.

I’m calling it people, this guy has it. Let’s just hope when I tell the bouncer behind the velvet rope that “I know the DJ” it actually works.  Follow Ason on Twitter, his Official SoundCloud page, + for bookings contact:


featured image by artist Yanni Floros, charcoal on paper. Pretty girls with prettier hair listening to headphones.



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